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Aug. 25th, 2009

Amanda Photo-Op


Amanda looked Amazing!

Just saw her in Chicago this weekend, and she looked well rested and tanned from a recent vacation.

The countdown on my phone says it's...

till AT4

Jul. 17th, 2009



Travel Sites

We are almost there! 119 more days as of July 17th!

Are you making travel arrangements? Have you bought your flight ticket? Are you about to start walking across the globe because you are so excited?

Here is a site I go to for cheap flights. What sites do YOU go to for discounted flights?

In a time of economic toil we may as well curb the money. If nothing else, it gives us more bidding money. *grin*

Apr. 26th, 2009



Seating... It's all about the seating.

Hey all, so since it's almost now 6 months away samjackshiplove has put up a list of who's got what... located here.

I know, no one has seating assignments yet. *sigh* BUT she is making a list of who has Charmed and who has a Normal ticket. Either way, let me assure you, if last year was any indication of how these things are, we all are going to have a BLAST no matter what seating you have.  (hint it's called lobby seating!)

201 days to go!!!!!

Apr. 13th, 2009




Hey everyone, a few months down, and a few more ahead of us! YEAH!!

Since we all are (mostly) from different contries, and are (most likely) not able to be globe trotters (anytime soon), I figured we would set up a thread dedicated to the taste buds of the world. Or just to simply request a sampling of something you know you can't get in your neck of the world. *shrugs* My 'gate blew up a few months ago and I have no more British Tea left, so you see, I am in need.

Just follow the linky... and gimme a taste of your contry!Collapse )
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Feb. 4th, 2009



AT4 tix still available!

"February 2009


Although AT4 sold out on the day tickets went on sale, we have been operating a waiting list for those who want a chance at a ticket. Although people registered for tickets, there were many duplicate registrations and sadly, some malicious registrations, whereby some people submitted false details.

We have now nearly cleared out these registrations and processed most payments for AT4 and those few who put their names on our waiting list have already been offered tickets.

Please don’t be shy about telling us you want a ticket. The people who put them down originally are now being offered tickets.

It is not a long shot.

We now have a handful of tickets available due to the bogus registrations. If you want one and we don’t know about you, we can’t offer you one!

If you want to be considered for one of these tickets please send an e-mail to at4waitinglist@gabitevents.co.uk with your name and full address and the number of tickets required, including the names of those who you are requesting tickets for.

We look forward to seeing everyone at AT4.

Julia, Becky, Kay and John
The G4"

Jan. 12th, 2009

Little Mieke


Waiting list

Hi  all :)

I'm a total newbie in Amanda world ;)
Watching Sanctuary made me an Amanda fan and now I just got into Stargate :)
Which led me to the Gabit site and AT4 of course.
Unfortunately, I was too late to get a ticket :( I'm on the waiting list now.
I wonder how many people are on the list ...

So I'll probably won't make it to AT4 but I can't wait to read all about it :)

And I'm still crossing my fingers ;)


Jan. 7th, 2009



Out & About: Places and Things

Since some of us can - or are kinda forced to - make this weekend last a wee longer, I figured we'd share some places we go while we are at the Con, after, or even beforehand.

What are some good places to eat?
Transportation into the city?
Staying around London?
Are you staying at the hotel, or at a nearby one?
Do you have a "first night" ritual?


Jan. 3rd, 2009




I had a lot of things to do this morning, so I entrusted my good friend to purchase my ticket, and get back and find all these posts worried about AT4 information... I just can't believe it's SOLD OUT!

That says a lot about both the draw Amanda has and the way the con is laid out. Very nice.

Also found this on GateWorld's Thread for the Con:

Your registration auto confirmation is only a confirmation that we have received your REQUEST for tickets.

if on that e-mail the ticket type is BLANK on the first person. you have not been allocated tickets at this time and you have been put on the waiting list. NO ONE has been allocated a charmed pass yet and we will sort those out when we have sorted everything else out.

I plan on having some skis attached to my feet when I do the throwing myself off the mountain and I do have a helmet.

I have individually answered every person who has asked a question. Kay now needs time to sort out the requests into the correct order, arrange the payments from those that underpaid or have not paid, and see if we have any tickets become available.

My apologies if any of my responses tonight have been curt or succint and deviod of the normal chattyness, but frankly I have been trying to control my anger at the vitriol that has spewed forth from some people both on forums and in private while answering serious and valid questions.

It has not been helpful and I am very disappointed in some people's attitude.


If you are interested, some of the comments, and Becky's comment, start here

Hope that is helpful to you all - and good luck!

Jan. 2nd, 2009




You have some favorite moments of you and friends? Maybe the awesome one-on-one photo with Amanda herself? You wanna share and gab about the awesome?

Post your pics, or links, here! Pictures should be no more than 600 wide, and links to LJs chalk full of glam is fine! We are all about the excitement value to hold us up until November!


Hotelmates: Request, Find, Bunk!

Are you looking for a roommate? Not sure if you can afford the ol' cold turkey, Hi I am... and you are? Shall I take this bed?

Well you are not alone! Although many of us have met friends via the internet, some have still to get past the "will you share a room with me?" part, and are in search for a Hotelmate. So, if you are in need, go ahead and fill out the form, post, and hopefully you will get so many rooming requests you will feel like your best friend is waiting!

Just a few of my closest friends... sounds cozy!Collapse )

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